Table: Improved Familiar by Master's Type/Subtype
Familiar Master's



Spellcaster Level

# Or other celestial animal from the standard familiar list.
  1. Or other fiendish animal from the standard familiar list.
  2. The master must first create the homunculus, substituting ichor or another part of the master’s body for blood if necessary.
Celestial hawk1 Good 3rd
Fiendish Tiny viper snake2 Evil 3rd
Air elemental, Small Air 5th
Earth elemental, Small Earth 5th
Fire elemental, Small Fire 5th
Shocker lizard Electricity 5th
Water elemental, Small Water 5th
Homunculus3 Undead 7th
Ice mephit Cold 7th

Improved Familiar [General] Edit

This feat allows spellcasters to acquire a new familiar from a nonstandard list, but only when they could normally acquire a new familiar.

Prerequisites Edit

Ability to acquire a new familiar, compatible alignment, sufficiently high level (see below).

Benefit Edit

When choosing a familiar, the creatures listed below are also available to the spellcaster. The spellcaster may choose a familiar with an alignment up to one step away on each of the alignment axes (lawful through chaotic, good through evil).

Improved familiars otherwise use the rules for regular familiars, with two exceptions: If the creature’s type is something other than animal, its type does not change; and improved familiars do not gain the ability to speak with other creatures of their kind (although many of them already have the ability to communicate).

The list in Table: Improved Familiar by Alignment presents only a few possible improved familiars. Almost any creature of the same general size and power as those on the list makes a suitable familiar. Nor is the master’s alignment the only possible categorization. For instance, improved familiars could be assigned by the master’s creature type or subtype, as shown in Table: Improved Familiar by Type/Subtype.

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